We will send a confirmation email to you within 48 hours to let you know the status of your reservation. If you need to board within 48 hours, please call so that we can verify your reservation immediately over the phone. **IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION WITHIN 48 HOURS, PLEASE GIVE US A CALL
Payment is required when services are rendered and/or at departure. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Cash. Please give us any information regarding your reservation that you would like us to know. If other people may pick up your pet, please provide their names and relationship to you, such as son, mother, friend, etc. Please remember that all of these people must show a photo ID.

Charges are by the night, with check-out time at 12 noon. Scheduling your dog for a bath at the end of your visit (for an additional fee, call for pricing) extends check-out time from noon to closing on the same business day, except on Sundays. You are always charged for Sunday’s board. (Sorry, we do not bathe cats.)

**Once you have received a conformation email, please print and bring it when dropping off your pet.

Over the holidays, we’re working our tails off!
Feel free to call and schedule your pet’s appointment instead!

Email reservations cannot be guaranteed until you receive our confirmation email.

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