Pets are boarded in private, individual pens that are cleaned throughout the day, keeping all pets as fresh as possible during their stay.  They also enjoy doggie cots in every pen, at no extra charge. Private sections are divided into small, medium, and large canine facilities as well as an exclusive cattery.

Two daily individual walks on a leash provide safe, personal, hands-on attention for each dog.  Our boarders also enjoy their solo time in individual exercise runs each day, giving them ample time to play at their leisure.

A high-quality food is always provided for your pets.  We feed Bil-Jac, a fresh dog food, to our dog boarders and Purina Cat Chow to our feline clients.

Our cattery greets our feline customers with a bright and cheerful interior.  All individual units now feature spacious bi-level accommodations.  Your cat can find comfort on either level, and have fun climbing!  A resting board installed mid-pen provides a wide window view, overlooking the kennel grounds and city park.  Your cat will enjoy hours of bird-watching from this special perch with a view!


(For an additional charge, extras can be given daily or customized to fit your dog’s needs)


15 minutes of individual time with a pet care provider, offering a variety of things your dog may enjoy (playing ball, tossing frisbees, TLC time, etc.)


Treat your dogs to Frosty Paws during their stay!


Daily brushings with a Furminator or slicker brush, or an extra thorough brushing after your dog’s bath.


(dog permitting)


Reduces shedding by up to 90%! Breed restrictions apply (ask for details).


Bring your dog in for a flea dip to get rid of those pesky fleas!


Mid-day potty break



Medications and special diet food, provided by the customer, are given upon request.  Medication requests are limited to three, to be administered no more than three times a day.

Animal movies run continuously on 27″ LCD screens in each section.  These details provide subtle reminders of the home environment to keep your pets happy and content while they visit us.  (Selections include separate canine and feline features depending on the viewing audience!)  Music is also played throughout the kennel for your pet’s added pleasure!

Sky lights in all wings of the kennel add a natural feeling.  This helps your dog or cat maintain a normal balance of the time of day, and keeps his inner schedule on track.  All indoor areas are climate controlled, with heating, air-conditioning and dehumidifiers.



A 24-hour security system is installed that constantly monitors fire, temperature, and power-outages.  Additionally, a 20 kw generator ensures an uninterrupted power flow.  There is no safer place for your pet while you are away from home, than at Tannenberg Kennels!



Charges are by the night, with check-out time at 12 noon. Scheduling your dog for a bath at the end of your visit (for an additional fee) extends check-out time from noon to closing on the same business day, except on Sundays. You are always charged for Sunday’s board. (Sorry, we do not bathe cats.)

Payment is required when services are rendered and/or at departure.  We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.


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